About Us

Why promote with Comet Calls?
Our Robust Network Allows you to reach new users daily.
Our service provides
  1. Free cross-promotion to promote all of your programs.
  2. Free tracking and reports to measure all your leads.
  3. Free IVR to host your ads.
  4. Industry targeting
  5. Algorithm based targeting to maximize ROI.

How in-call media promotion works?

You start by creating a transfer script file for your program and submit it for approval. Decide how much you want to pay and where you want your customers call. Once approved your ad is placed on our Comet Call Network. The users that hear your ad take action and call you. The call turns into new leads daily which turn into customers for you.

What is our network?

Comet Calls owns and operates many toll free hot-lines with over 200,000

Calls daily. Your audio advertisement is placed within these calls in a run of network environment. We also offer industry and algorithm based targeting.

What do you need to get started?

To get started all you need is:
  1. A transfer script(s)

         -where users can listen to your advertisement

  2. A transfer number or SIP

         -for customer who take action and call you

  3. Payment information

         -to add funds to your account